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With a comprehensive, independent, and technologically innovative system, Auxora has developed four product lines: components and modules, passive components for active transceivers, filters and prisms, and interconnect cabling. Auxora has forged cooperative relationships with numerous customers. And Auxora offers products for various applications; such as telecommunications, data communications, CATV, bio-technology, high-power lasers, instruments and other markets.



    4/8 Channel CCWDM

    Auxora's 4/8 channel compact CWDM is an integrated opticaldevice based on free-space technology and our expertise in lens simulationwhich can significantly improve optical performance and reduce packaging size to one quarter of the conventional CWDM modules.

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    Ultra-Compact CWDM

    Auxora's ultra-compact CWDM is an integrated optical device based on free-space tech bench which can significantly improve optical performance and minimize packaging size.

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