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About Us

Auxora is a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of optical thin film filter coatings and optical components/modules. It was founded in Los Angeles in January 2000. Auxora started China manufacture in Shenzhen manufacturing facility in 2003. In 2006, Auxora acquired Confluent Photonics with its product line of propriet bulk grating based DWDM products, and their application in the CATV/MSO market. Auxora moved the its optical thin film coating manufacturing from Los Angeles to Shenzhen in 2008. In October, 2010, Auxora was acquired by Yongpu Inc.
Since its inception, Auxora has developed comprehensive technical platforms, including optical filter coating designs and manufacturing processes, post coating pre-process treatment of the optical glass, micro optical simulation and beam tracing, free space high density assembly design/Alignment/Assembly, auto and semi-auto component assembly and testing, high precision mechanical design and stress analysis, etc. Based on these engineering platforms, Auxora offers optical products among its four product lines: Coating, filters, prisms and other precision optical parts, passive optical components for active transceivers, passive optical devices and modules; optical interconnection cables.
Since year 2000, Auxora has been serving the world-wide customers in various markets, such as data centers, telecomm/data comm, CATV, Bio-Photonics, High power laser mirrors, Advanced optics for automobiles.


Auxora’s headquarter locates in Shenzhen, China. The total area of the factory is 6000 square meters. Auxora’s US sales office locates in LA.

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