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In-line Polarization Insensitive Isolator
Auxora's in-line polarization insensitive isolator is used to minimize back reflection & scattering in the reverse direction at all stages of polarization, it is a low cost product with excellent performance including low IL, high isolation, high return loss and low PDL & PMD, C band and L band wavelength range is optional.
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  • Low insertion loss
  • High isolation
  • Low PDL & PMD
  • High stability & reliabilty
  • Epoxy free optical path
  • Telcordia GR-1221 and GR1209 compliant
  • Fiber optic amplifier
  • WDM systems
  • Fiber laser & transmitters
  • Fiber optic network links
Parameters Unit Value
Single Stage Dual Stage
Operating Wavelength Range nm 1310±15;1480±15;1528-1564;1570-1605
Insertion Loss dB 0.45 0.55
Isolation (Over operating wavelength range, Operating temperature range, all SOP) dB 20 38
Polarization Mode Dispersion ps 0.05 0.05
Return Loss (Input & Output) dB 50
Polarization Dependent Loss dB 0.1
Maximum Power Handling mW 500
Operating Temperature °C 0 ~ 70
Storage Temperature °C -40 ~ 85
Humidity -- 5 ~ 95%
Package Size mm Standard: Φ5.5xL34L40 for 900um loose tube
Mini Size: Φ3.0xL25
Fiber Type -- SMF-28e+ or ITU-T G657.A
1) All specifications are based on the devices without connectors, and guaranteed over wavelength, polarization and temperature.
2) PMD and chromatic dispersion values are guaranteed by design.
3) IL is 0.3 dB higher, RL is 5 dB lower for each connector added.
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