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DWDM Device

  • 100G DWDM Device

    Auxora's Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM) is based on TFF (thin film filter) platform, it features ultra-low insertion loss, high isolation, super thermal stability and excellent reliability. The device is Telcordia GR-1221/1209-CORE compliant, thus enabling it to be used for wavelength add/drop in telecommunication network systems. Auxora can provide customized designs to meet specialized feature applications.

  • 100G DWDM Band Splitter

    Auxora's 100GHz DWDM Bandsplitters are based on thin film filter platform, they are used to conveniently split ITU channel spacing of 100GHz into manageable channel bands. These highly reliable components demonstrate low loss, good thermal insensitivity, and reliable performance. Used with MUX/DEMUX and add/drop applications, these bandsplitters can manage multiple ITU channels. Integrated with other available technologies, such as ITU channel filters, FBG and AWG, these bandsplitters offer complete DWDM solutions.

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