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FWDM & Special Device

  • FWDM Device

    Auxora's filter wavelength division multiplexer series are based on thin-film filter (TFF) technology to perform the Multiplexing or De-multiplexing functions in the Telecom/FTTX network. The devices are used to combine/separate light at different wavelengths. We provide filter-based WDM devices that are customized to the particular wavelength bands for your special applications.

  • C-Band/L-Band Red/Blue FWDM

    Auxora's C-Band/L-Band Red/Blue FWDM is a micro-optics device based on TFF with advanced packaging technology to achieve good performance. The devices can be used to combine/separate Red-band wavelength signals and Blue-band wavelength signals in C-band or L-band for DWDM systems. The components are characterized with wide passband, low IL, excellent environmental stability.

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